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About the Researcher Directory

The Moving Child Care Forward ECEC Policy Researcher Directory invites early childhood education and care policy researchers – including those based in universities, civil society organizations, those in government and those working independently – to participate. This curated directory is open to researchers/knowledge producers working on ECEC policy and related issues (such as family policy, women’s issues, etc.) as well as those researchers and knowledge producers working towards policy changes aimed at better meeting the needs of Canadian children, families, women, communities and a modern economy and diverse society. Information in the researcher directory is public and searchable by any interested reader.


The Moving Child Care Forward project begins with the assumption that ECEC is a child’s right, a woman’s right and a key social justice and equity issue, especially (but not exclusively) for equality-seeking and disadvantaged groups. We define early childhood education and care as those organized and regulated services provided outside the child’s home that support young children’s well-being and development as well as parents’ employment, education and, training. We envision ECEC services becoming accessible to all young children regardless of family income, region, ability/disability, language and culture. From this project’s perspective, ECEC includes services for children younger than compulsory school age, as well as for school-aged children outside regular school hours. ECEC encompasses child care centres, regulated family child care homes, kindergartens, and preschools/nursery schools, including programs such as Head Start, pre-kindergarten programs and family resource programs.

Interested in participating?

Researchers who choose to join the directory will maintain and update their own information. Interested researchers are invited to apply to have a listing in this curated directory.  The Moving Childcare Forward team reserves the right to modify the directory. To send an expression of interest, please request a listing.

Canadian ECEC Policy Researcher Directory

The researcher directory aims to connect the broad range of players with an interest in ECEC policy, through virtual networking and sharing information about ongoing Canadian research, policy and practice developments.

Interested in participating?

Interested researchers are invited to apply to have a listing in this curated directory. To send an expression of interest, please use this request form.