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Suzanne Tough

University of Calgary
Alberta Centre for Child, Family & Community Research
Health / Medicine / Nursing
Dr. Suzanne Tough’s research program focuses on the health and well-being of mothers and infants prior to conception through infancy. Specifically, Suzanne has research interests in the area of maternal and child health, maternal well-being, preconception and prenatal care, low birth weight and preterm birth, delayed childbearing, and fetal alcohol spectrum disorders. Suzanne is particularly interested in community-based intervention research. The underlying aim of this research program is to create evidence that informs the development of community and clinical programs and influences policy to optimize birth and childhood outcomes.

Dr. Suzanne Tough has been the principal investigator on numerous community based complex prenatal interventions, including an RCT of nursing supported prenatal care, a pragmatic trial of group prenatal care (Centering Pregnancy), and a demonstration project of phone support for maternal mental health. Currently the principal investigator of the All Our Babies/Families cohort, the study was established to understand the intersection between family and maternal well-being, including maternal mental health, and social support and child outcomes, as well as to understand trajectories of health, resilience and development across childhood. AOB/F has data from 3200 mothers and children. Participants have completed a series of questionnaires from the prenatal period through to when children are 5 years of age. AOB/F has information on demographics, lifestyle, physical and mental health, social support, stress, parenting, breastfeeding, infant and child development. This study will contribute to the understanding of the biologic mechanisms and social/environmental pathways underlying associations between early and later life outcomes, gene-environment interactions, and resilience among children and families.

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Johnston D, Tough S, Siever J. The Community Perinatal Care Study: Home visiting and nursing support for pregnant women. Zero to Three. 2006; 27(2):11-17.

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Suzanne Tough

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